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Table Top Digital Advertising Displayer
Table Top Digital Advertising Displayer

NEW F1000 Table Top Digital Advertising Displayer

Table Top Digital Advertising Display
16" x  18" Overall Size; 7" LCD Screen

New from PictureFrames.net, Digital Advertising Displays are the perfect way to get any message across at point of sale. Displayers are available as table tops or freestanding units and are content ready; each includes a full color billboard poster with a digital LCD screen to run your video or slide show which we can load for you.  Easy to update via USB port (internal memory) or memory card.  The poster can be replaced at any time by removing the front acrylic which is held on by 4 magnets.  It is that easy!

We will happily work with you to create a special Custom
Digital Advertising Display for your company or organization
at competitive prices.

Perfect for:
Reception Areas, Dealerships, Medical Offices, Sales,
Point of Purchase Displays, Kiosks, Hospitals, Hotels,
Travel Agencies, Restaurants, Corporate Lobbies...and Your Business.

Question: What kind of artwork do I send in for the digital advertising displayer posters?
Answer: Please send in either eps or jpeg images that are 300dpi or higher.

Question: How do I size the artwork?
Answer: Please click on the template link below which will bring you to the actual size template of the piece. You or your customer should use the template to make sure their poster artwork fits properly.

Question: What does the price of the advertising displayers include?
Answer: The pricing includes the displayer with stand including the lcd screen. It also includes the initial uploading of the photos or video into the digital frame as well as the initial printing and insertion of the poster. You can also choose to print and insert your own poster if you like.

Question: How do you change the photos or video in the digital frame?
Answer: You can either put in a new memory card with new images or you can delete the images that are located in the digital frames internal memory and then upload new photos using the provided USB cable and the computer that contains the photos.

Question: Will you design the poster for me?
Answer: Yes we can, but there is an additional cost of $70.00 G per hour of art time. The amount of time it takes varies from job to job depending on the detail requested.

Question: What are the specifications for the 15" digital frame?
See specifications below


• Brilliant, high-resolution 7" color display.
• Resolution of 320 pixels per line x 234 lines.
• Browse through your photo libraries or create your own self-running picture shows
• Accepts the memory cards used in most digital cameras.
• 128 mb of Internal Memory
• Easy-to-use interface with many built-in viewing features including thumbnail, single picture mode, slide show and 4-in-1 split screen feature for slide show or 4 single pictures to be displayed.
• AC Adaptor.
Input Formats/Memory Card Formats: MS, CF, MMC, XD & SD.
• Playback Formats: JPEG, BMP, MP3 and AVI
• Display: 7.0" Analog Color Display
USB Port: 2.0


Item# Size 1 5 10 25
F1000 16" x 18" overall, 7" Analog Color Display $437.00 $410.00 $395.00 $380.00

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